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I see alot of Conrail around here in the 'Burgh, I also see alot of CSXT. But lately, I have seen alot of foriegn power, and I'm loving it. I am originally from Texas, and so to see a Union Pacific unit come breezing down the tracks I die. I unfortunatly don't have that particular roll of film developed yet, but on it are some wonderous foreign power pictures...I can't wait to show ya'll what wonders I've seen. This page is for all those "other railroads." You know, the ones that don't live in Pennsylvania? Only a handful of them were actually taken here in Pennsylvania, but you really must admit...You go west and the trains become much more colourful. In this mixture you will see some BNSF, some Canadian Pacific, Thomas the Tank Engine, some old steam engines, and I have a picture of the Utah RR. Enjoy!!

May 12, 1999. I was talking with a friend who lives in Johnstown right along the CR PGH line, and he told me of a great train that was headed my way. Boy was he right!! this photo in particular looks like a shot of someones model railroad...but it's very real.Other Railroads Photo Number One

Again, BNSF, heading towards Conway, PA. These shots were taken at Wilmerding, PA...two miles west of the Pitcairn Intermodal Terminal. May 12, 1999. Other Railroads Photo Number Two

This photo was taen by Tony Kimmel. It is of a BNSF doublestack train heading east with trees along side of it Other Railroads Photo Number Three

This shot was also taken by Tony. This is of 3 trains sitting side by side at the westend of Argentine yard in Kansas City Other Railroads Photo Number Four

This is a most beautiful shot of a CP train, unsure of any of the facts regarding this picture. It was not taken by me, see I was unlucky when i went to Canada I saw nothing. :-) I will survive. A man who wished to remain anonymous took this picture. From now on we will refer to him as, anonymous man. :-) Other Railroads Photo Number Five

Another wonderful shot from anonymous man. You take beautiful pictures sir, I am privileged to show them on my site! Other Railroads Photo Number Six

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