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The History of Sleeping Cars
Anniversary Symposium
Held at
Chicago (Pullman), Illinois
April 23 - 26, 2009

Held in conjunction with the
Passenger Train Historical Society's Conference

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Official Meeting Hotel:
Baymont Inn & Suites
510 East End Avenue
Calumet City, IL 60409

Click Here for the Symposium Activities Schedule
Click Here for the Symposium Speakers Schedule
Click Here for the April 23 Sleeping Cars Remembered Program
Click Here for the April 25 Dinner Menu
Click Here for the April 26 IRM Field Trip Schedule

Click Here for the Symposium Press Release
Press Release: RR Artist Paints Historic Obama Presidential Train

Google Map of Meeting Activity Sites:

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Pullman North Factory and Administration Building

Florence Hotel

Activities are to include:

  • Historic Lectures about all types of sleeping cars, the trains, the porters, the people, and the village of Pullman
  • Take a visual tour of sleeping cars created by compiled photographs and slides.
  • Take a tour of the historic Pullman factory and village exhibiting the unique late 19th century architecture.
  • Tours of historic station sites, current Metra and Amtrak train stations, and other operations in Chicago.
  • Dinner featuring Pullman dining car menu selections, to be held at the Phil Stefani's Signature Pier 37 Restaurant within the Harborside International Golf Course
    • Saturday's featured Diner presentation:

      Fine Dining a la George Pullman: The Cars and the Cuisine that Made Long Distance Trains Possible

      by James D. Porterfield:

      Jim is a columnist and feature writer for Railfan & Railroad magazine, a contributor to Classic Trains, author of Dining by Rail: The History and Recipes of the Golden Age of American Railroad Cuisine and of From the Dining Car: The Recipes and Stories Behind Today's Greatest Rail Dining Experiences. He also served as editor of Set Up Running: The Life of a Pennsylvania Railroad Engineman, 1904-1949, and of a reprint of Harry Bedwell's The Boomer: A Story of the Rails, regarded by many as the best railroad novel by a North American writer. His next book is On the Double Line: Stories of the Railroad Life by Those Who Lived It, an anthology of railroad fiction to be published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2010. He was for many years the organizer and host of the Penn State-Altoona Railroad Heritage Conference and served as the host on culinary-themed rail tours conducted by the American Orient Express. His presentations on dining car history and operations have also been popular with patrons of the Smithsonian Institution, chefs-in-training at Amtrak, students in high school culinary programs, and pre-school students who love the Western Pacific Cinnamon Toast he prepares for them.

    • Take a field trip to the Pullman Library, the sleeping cars and other railroad equipment at the Illinois Railway Museum, in Union, Illinois.
    Phone: (330) 819-3423
    Address: c/o PTHS Symposium P.O Box 67 Randolph, OH 44265-0067

    Sponsors are needed for April 23 - 26th 2009 Sleeping Car 150th Anniversary Symposium held at the Pullman Visitors Center in (Pullman) Chicago, Illinois.

    Symposium sponsors would have their company or organizations name / logo published in the programs and will be permitted to display signs at the event.

    Sponsors are needed for the following activities:

    • Thursday April 23
      Pre-event reception (food and beverages) for the open public meeting and slide shows.
      Meeting room rental
    • Friday April 24
      Morning beverages and donuts
      Meeting room rental
      Speaker travel expenses and gifts
      Lunch (partial)
      Overnight lodging for the Symposium speakers and special guests
    • Saturday April 25th
      Morning beverages and donuts
      Meeting room rental
      Speaker travel expenses and gifts
      Lunch (partial)
      Pre Banquet reception beverages - open bar and snacks
      Banquet Dinner (Partial)
      Keynote speaker
      Overnight lodging for the Symposium keynote speaker and special guests
    • Sunday April 26th
      Morning beverages and donuts?
      Field trip to IRM and the Pullman Drawing Library in Union, IL for shuttle bus trip expenses for bus from Metra Station (TBD) to IRM in Union IL and return.

    Options / Pricing
    Single Event

    Register above with PayPal, or register by mail! (.pdf file; download Adobe Reader to view)

    Meeting Sponsors
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