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Traffic and MM screensavers

Traffic and MM screensaver


The vehicles from my own production

See the picture gallery of the MM and Traffic designers meeting, 14 to 16 September 2007
Click the engines:

The Riyadh metro, for double MM scale

New 1.4.2016!

The iron ore railway of Lapony, for double MM scale (Caténary height 116 pixels)

- SJ
Dm, Dm2, Dm3, project Dm4
El 12
- LKAB IORE (also for the usual scale, height 58 pixel)
Iron ore hopper cars
(also for the usual scale, height 58 pixel)

Updated 2.5.2008!

South American Oldtimer Electrics for 58 and 70 pix height

- Brazil: Paulista, Central, Fepasa
- Chile: EFE
- Mexico: FCM

Updated 12.4.2007!

American Oldtimer Electrics for 70 pix height

The Oldtimer motors of the Pennsylvania, New Haven, Norfolk & Western, Virginian, Milwaukee, and more...

Updated 4.3.2007!

The Oldtimer motors of  the austrian railways:
LWP Lokalbahn Wien-Pressburg
-  BBÖ
-  DRG

French electric oldtimers:
The PLM engines of the Maurienne line
- E 1000 / CC 1100

- E 4800 / 2D2 5000
The prototypes E 400, E 500 and E 600 of the PO

SNCF Steam
- 241 A
- 141 R
- Alsace-Lorraine
- Nord
- 241 P
- 242 A 1
- PLM 241 C
- ETAT 241-101
- Prototype "Thuile"

Updated 10.2.2008!

The short "Broken noses"

The BB 15000, 7200, 22200 of the french railways, plus some foreign variants

The "Broken noses"

The famous CC 6500, CC 21000, CC 72000 of the french railways, plus some foreign variants

American Oldtimer Electrics

The Oldtimer motors of the Pennsylvania, New Haven, Norfolk & Western, Virginian and a few more...

SNCF Valenciennes - Thionville

The first AC electrics of the SNCF and of the luxemburg railways CFL


The oldtimer motors 2D2 5400, 5500 and 9100 of the SNCF

BB Midi, BB 300, BB 900, SNCB 101 / 29

The oldtimer motors of the "Compagnie du Midi" (french southern RR) and their followers of the SNCF and the belgian state railways


The 1st generation TGV trainsets of the SNCF

Miscellanous from Switzerland

SBB, EBT, RM, SOB, MThB, Lokoop, etc.

VBZ Verkehrsbetriebe der Stadt Zürich

The vehicles of the city transports of Zürich

The saga of the RAm

The RAm TEE-trains, as SBB / NS and as canadian "Northlander"

RiTB Riggenthalerbahn ;-)

My own "Private swiss private railway"

Pennsylvania RR

From Matthew J. Brown's drawings


The new EMU generation from Siemens


The new tramways from Siemens, as running in several cities of Europe


Signals and catenaries

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