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Here are some of my favorite sites. I got a lot of information, guidance and help from each of them - as well, they are a good read. If you think you are a railfan, you ain't if you haven't been to these sites!

Click to Visit Rails in Toronto
Rails in Toronto by Paul Cordingley

The BEST site around for railfanning in the Toronto area - hands down. I can't tell you how many times I've flipped back to this site over the years to get some information or just to look around. The rail line map is a great asset, as is his 'mileboard by mileboard' description of each rail line. One of the best sites I've ever seen.

TrainsCan by Tim Green

Great railroading site - focusing on anything and everything that is railroading in Canada. Information, History, Photos, News - a great resource for those with a keen interest in Canadian railroading.

Strong Signals by Rich Wells

The complete scanner resource - models, features, antennas - this site's a great resources for scanner enthusiasts of all levels!

Ron Katz's Radio Frequency Directory

Great site for looking for scanner frequencies in the Toronto area. It deals mostly with emergency services, but the rail section includes all AAR frequencies and what ones local railroads use.

Bill Miller's The View from Galt Station

One of the best railroad sites on the net. It deals mainly with Southwestern Ontario (the farthest East it ever gets is Georgetown) and tends to lean towards CP, but is still an excellent site, and one of my all-time faves. Lots and lots of great photos (the ones of "Chickenhead" hooping trains at Guelph Jct. are masterpieces). Worth a visit!

Click on Photo to visit site!

Brian Bukowski's online CROR - the 'Bible' of Canada's railroad industry's rules and regulations. A must for anyone who wants a closer look into how Canada's Railroads operate. It also includes and EXCELLENT guide to signal aspects and indications. Specific to CN's Great Lakes Region.