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GO 600s Odds and Ends
Some Odds and Ends about the GO 600s
  • Gear Ratio 60/17 when first delivered
  • GO logos first applied at Point St. Charles in Montreal
  • 600 was not outshopped until 31 December 1966 yet it's builder plate showed it as November 1966
  • in 1972-3 the new green and white paint scheme and green logo began being applied
  • 9800 (600) still blue and white in April 1975 and was the last to be modified
  • CNR leased 600 to 607 November 1966 until April 1967 - limited use on CN freights
  • noise abatement programme for 9800 to 9807 (600-607) began in 1974 and completed 1976
  • Little known signalling development was used for only a short time with GO equipment only
  • The above was called the IDENTRA SIGNAL SYSTEM first used 05 Feb 1969
  • Essentially it was a coil feature located in a box placed between the rails on the south track east of the GO Guildwood station. When an equipped GO train with the coil feature attached to the locomotive passed over the track box, it automatically upgraded the signals as follows:
    1.      Signal 3156S now Clear to Limited changed to Clear Signal
    2.      Signal 3144S now Clear to Stop changed to Clear to Limited
    3.      Signal 3130S now Restricting Signal changed to Limited to Stop.
  • The appearance of the coil is like what one sees today still on the TTC Subway lead coaches.
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