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Most photographs of this intermediate station on the Lyme Regis Branch show it after it had ceased to be a passing-loop, with just a single line and a siding either side of the former island platform. The captions usually say that the siding was the remains of the former Up Loop, but that is incorrrect.

When the passing-loop was taken out of use in 1921 the former Down Loop was used as the single line and the Up Loop was reduced to the status of a siding. In additional there was another siding that was a further loop off of the former Up Loop, with short spurs at each end.

In 1930 the Up Loop was taken out of use and eventually removed entirely. The siding that remained had always been a siding and was not the remains of the old Up Loop. The only change was that this siding was now simply a dead-end connected into the single-line at the Lyme Regis end only.

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