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Evercreech Junction North Signals (Error)
Evercreech Junction North
Error in description of Signals

This page deals with a common error in the description of some signals at Evercreech Junction North signal-box on the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway (S&DJR).

Evercreech Jcn North Up Home signalsEvercreech Junction North signal-box was situated at the north end of Evercreech Junction station and controlled the actual junction between the S&DJR lines to Bath Junction and Highbridge. For Up trains approaching from the station, the junction was protected by Evercreech Junction North's 'Up Home' signals, which are shown in the picture on this page.

To the left of the Up Main line was the exit line from No 3 Siding. Because of space constraints the Up Home signals (in the form of a right-hand bracket signal) were placed to the left of the siding, not immediately adjacent to the Up Main. At the top of the signal the right-hand arm (No 26PULL) controlled movements to the Up Main towards Bath, while the left-hand arm (No 26PUSH) controlled movements to the Up Branch towards Highbridge.

Lower down the main post of the signal was a ringed-arm signal (No 29). This was a S&DJR subsidiary signal and its purpose was to control 'draw ahead' movements onto the Up Branch. (This signal would be used, for example, if a train needed to pull forward onto the Up Branch in order to reverse into No 3 Siding, or if the single-line towards Highbridge was occupied already and so a branch train could proceed only as far as the Up Branch Starting signal.) Unfortunately some publications erroneously describe this signal as relating to the No 3 Siding, but that is not correct.

Movements out of No 3 Siding were controlled by a separate ground signal (No 28PULL), which can be seen in the picture to the right of the base of the Up Home signals. This signal controlled movements ahead onto No 2 Siding (which ran past the back of the signal-box), or out onto the Up line and then towards either the Up Branch or Up Main.

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