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Locomotive History

Locomotive History Report

The following shows an example of a Locomotive History Report for 37407. It gives details of all movements / exam and repairs allocated and carried out together with engine hours, present location, time and date of working and time and date of computer entries to the locomotive history. For a more readable version of the Locomotive History Report visit 37407his.txt

37407's actual last workings and repairs are available to view at 37407 Last Workings

1st Column: Time of Activity of Dept
Gives the time and date of departure of a working or the time and date of an alteration to the operation status of the locomotive.

2nd Column: Last Locn or Train
The reporting number of the train worked by the locomotive

3rd Column: Train Movement Data
If the locomotive is reported working a train in the previous column then the following appears:-
42123 42136  0105 07/03
the first five digits are the originating location of the train, the second set of five digits are the destination location followed by the time of departure and date of departure.

If the locomotive is allocated a train then the following appears:-
0Z42 35550                    A
first is the allocated train reporting number followed by a five digit number which is the allocated destination location. The 'A' realates to 'allocated'

If the locomotive is allocated to move to a specific location then the following appears:-
56990 42135  2200 06/03
The first five digits (56990) relates to EWS Control at Nottingham which would have made the decision, the second set of five digits is the location that the loco is allocated to move to. The time and dat is when the move is planned to happen.

If the locomotive is under exam or repair then the following appears:-
78520 B                2200 18/02
The first five digits is the location where the repair or exam is taking place, The letter refers to the exam (A to E) or repair (N, M, etc.), the date and time is the expected ok. release date for the locomotive. Generally if the date is 06/06 or 00/00 then it is bad news for the locomotive as it usually indcates that withdrawal is imminent.

The five digit location code is the STANOX code used by TOPS for each specific location on the network and abroad.

4th Column: Task
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5th Column: Current Hours/Min -days Counter
The four digit number is the engine hours followed by the two digit minutes.

6th Column: OP
The operational status of the locomotive, refer to the REASOS codes.

7th Column: XAM
The type of exam or repair being undertaken on the locomotive.

8th Column: Fuel
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9th Column: LATAXX
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10th Column: On Hire to Pool
The pool a locomotive is hired to to cover for shortfall. 37407 hasn't been hired to any pool during this period.

11th Column: RVRS
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12th Column: TB HO LS OS
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