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Eaton of Radnorshire, Wales

Eaton of Radnor

The Descendants of the Rev. Joseph Eaton

Detailed offspring of his grandson, Dr. David Eaton and his wife, Mary Potts, of Chester County, Pa.

The First Generation: The Rev. Joseph Eaton

1. The Rev. Joseph Eaton was born in Radnor, Wales on August 25, 1679. He was the son of John Eaton, b. 1659, d. 1 Apr 1750, and grandson of John Eaton of Radnorshire, Wales. He married Gwenllian Morgan in 1699, and Uriah Humphrey in 1724. He died in Montgomery, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1748.

Children by Gwenllian Morgan:

Children by Uriah Humphrey:

The Second Generation: Children of The Rev. Joseph Eaton

11. The Rev. Issac Eaton (1) was born in Montgomery, Pennsylvania in 1725. He married Rebecca Stout, b. 1727, d. 13 Jun 1794, in 1748. She was the daughter of David Stout and Ann Merrill. She is buried in the Hopewell, NJ, Baptist Church Yard. He died in Hopewell, New Jersey on July 4, 1772.

Their children (Surname Eaton):


13. Hannah Eaton (1) was born 1730. She married Edward Doyle, b. 1728, d. 31 Dec 1805. She died 9 Feb 1813.

Their Child (Surname Doyle):

The Third Generation: Grandchildren of The Rev. Joseph Eaton

15. Joseph Eaton (11)(1) was born 1751. He married a Turner. He died 1776.

Their Child (Surname Eaton):

16. Pamelia Eaton (11)(1) was born on 4 Nov 1755. She died on 4 Nov 1793. She married John G. Humphrey, b. 1755, d. 22 Feb 1828

Their Children (Surname Humphrey):

Full grandchildren are known for Pamelia. They will be added shortly.
18. David Eaton, MD (11)(1) was born in Hopewell, New Jersey on October 21, 1762. He married Mary Potts on October 21, 1784. She was the daughter of William Potts and Amy Borden. She was born 25 Mar 1762 and died 19 Aug 1843. He died in London Britain Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania on August 13, 1813. They are buried together in the London Tract Baptist Church Yard, London Britain Township, Chester County, Pa. Their daughter Amy and son-in-law Robert Lockard are buried with them.

Their Children (Surname Eaton):

David's will bequeathed the estate to his wife, Mary, a share of his assets to sons Isaac, David & William, and to daugthers Rebecca McGeath, Amy Lockard, Uree, Pamelia, Nancy, Polly and Elizabeth Eaton, with Amy's to be held in trust for her children. --
From Wills of Chester County, Pa, 1801-1825, p186, Jacob Martin, Family Line Publications.

The Fourth Generation: Great-Grandchildren of The Rev. Joseph Eaton

21. Rebecca Humphrey (16)(11)(1) was born 1778. She died 2 Feb 1836. She married Alexander McPherson on 25 Oct 1798. He was born 6 Aug 1765, and died 16 Feb 1836.

Their Children (Surname McPherson):

22. Amy Humphrey (16)(11)(1) was born 1782, and died 2 Sep 1852. She married David Scott on 29 Mar 1804. He was born 17 Dec 1778, and died 12 Nov 1868.

Their Children (Surname Scott):

23. John Humphrey (16)(11)(1) was born 4 Aug 1788. He died 14 Mar 1868. He married Jane Herron, b. 1792.

Their Children (Surname Humphrey):

24. Joseph Humphrey (16)(11)(1) was born 9 Sep 1790. He married Phebe Updyke, b. 1794.

Their Children (Surname Humphrey):

25. Joshua Humphrey (16)(11)(1) was born 9 Jan 1793, Chester, Pa. He died 28 Sep 1863 in Decatur Co, Ill. He married Elizabeth Slack in 1816. She was born about 1800.

Their Children (Surname Humphrey):

26. Amy Potts Eaton (18)(11)(1) was born on June 28, 1786. She married 6 Oct 1806 Robert Lockard, born 28 Aug 1786, d. after 1850. She died on September 7, 1836. They are both buried with her parents at the London Tract Baptist Church Yard in London Britain Township, Chester County, Pa.

Their children (Surname Lockard):

Amy's grandchildren are listed on the Lockard Page.

27. Rebecca Eaton (18)(11)(1) was born on 2 Oct 1788. She died 26 Jun 1863. She married Stephen McGeath b. 24 May 1785 d. 13 Apr 1831.

Their children (Surname McGeath):

28. Isaac Eaton (18)(11)(1) was born on 15 Aug 1792. He died 10 Mar 1876. He married Malinda Craig b. 12 Apr 1804 Pa. d. 6 Jun 1873 Pa. on 18 Mar 1823.

Their children (Surname Eaton):

29. Pamelia Eaton (18)(11)(1) was born on 13 Jul 1794. She married Samuel Taylor on 4 Oct 1818. He was born on 15 Aug 1789 and died on 12 Aug 1867. She died on 6 Feb 1872.

Their children (Surname Taylor):

30. Mary (Polly) Eaton (18)(11)(1) was born on 22 Mar 1800 in East Fallowfield Township, Chester County, Pa. She died on 25 May 1871. She married Allen Chandler on 2 May 1820. He was born 1800 and died 1870.

Their children (Surname Chandler):

One of Mary's grandchildren, George Allan Chandler, did extensive research of the Eaton line back in the 1890s. He had most every Eaton descent line current to 1890. This page represents only a portion of his known data. His original manuscripts are in a vault collection at the Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, Pa.

31. Uree Eaton (18)(11)(1) was born in 1802. She married John C. Handy, b. 1798.

32. Elizabeth Eaton (18)(11)(1) was born on 5 Jun 1802. She died on 16 Dec 1863. She married 1st, Thomas H. Davis, b. 1794, d. 12 Dec 1826. She married 2nd, James B. Chenoweth, b. 27 Jun 1800, d. 7 Sep 1866.

Children by Thomas Davis:

Children by James Chenoweth:

33. Nancy (Ann) Eaton (18)(11)(1) married Jacob Entriken on 7 Jan 1819. He was born 12 Jan 1796, East Bradford, Chester, Pa d. 17 Feb 1864 Chester, Pa He was the son of Caleb S. Entriken and Ann Way.

Their Children (Surname Entriken):

34. William Eaton (18)(11)(1) was born 1804. He married Julia Row. She was born 1808.

35. David Eaton (18)(11)(1) was born 26 Feb 1806. He died on 2 Jan 1849. He married Agnes Advice on 22 May 1837. She was born 8 Jun 1815 and died 1 Sep 1865.

Their Children (Surname Eaton):

Short descendant chart of the Rev. Joseph Eaton including grandson David's grandchildren

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