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Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad 15 gauge 3 scale
Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad

A 15" gauge 3"=1' or 7.5" gauge 2.5"=1' scale Shay project


The "Riverview Shay" is a new design large scale live steam loco.  It can be built as a 3" scale standard gauge 80 to 3 truck Shay based on the Lima Shay CN3199 prototype built in 1928.

It can also be built as a 2.5" scale of the prototype120 ton Lima Shay running on 7.5" gauge track. Some of the truck parts are changed and the wheels are made for the 7.5" gauge frogs.  The engine mount is slanted for the narrow gauge just as the Lima Shays were on narrow gauge as can be seen at the right.  CN3199 is a 3' gauge.

The prototype 80 and 120 ton work out well when done in scale 3" and 2.5" ending up the same size.

 Dimension drawings   A set of drawing images for the complete set of CAD prints.

Construction photos and discription
This section has detailed construction information with photos of the process.

See the CAD drawings of the Shay engine run in 3D    (500K bytes)


Right click on image and view to enlarge.

Below are images of the 3D cad drawings being created for the construction of the engine. 

80 ton Shay CN3199
80 ton Shay CN3199  labor day, 2001

3D CAD drawing of the "Riverview Shay"
see thru biolertruck

3D Shay image3D view of engine


The CAD drawing is intended to be a sample of the over 30 "D" size pages to come.  It is not intended to be totally readable on the web site.  A complete set of drawings should be ready lete this summer as the engine is built.

NEW LINK ----Dimension drawings
Stay tuned for more updated information on the design and construction.

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Foot Note s) layout dimenstions are stated in scale feet, 3":foot scale.