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Cardinal at New River

Adventurers in the Appalachia

My First trip on the Southwest Chief going to the 2018 NRHS Convention in Cumberland, Maryland

Chapter Four

The Cardinal through The Appalachian Mountains

From Indianapolis to Newark

 July 25, 2018



Robin Bowers

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    My morning started on the Cardinal traveling through the hills of West Virginia after having slept through the 3:15am stop in Cincinnati. Leaving Indianapolis, we continued through Indiana, then the Buckeye state, over the Ohio River into Kentucky and now West Virginia. I went to the Dinette for breakfast on this cloudy, rainy morning. I ordered the Railroad French Toast, which is a rarely found on today's trains. I expected much from this dish but was underwhelmed and somewhat disappointed. Afterwards I found Chris at a table in the business class. We watched the scenery as we followed the Kanawha River to the New River and the famous gorge that's been on my bucket list for many a year.



Hawk Nest.

Due to track work at the Hawk Nest on Track 1 we took the Track 2 route which is seldom done so both Chris and I got some unexpected rare millage today aboard the thrice weekly Cardinal. The conductor notice there were two happy rail fans and train riders on his trip today.


The New River Arch Bridge the crosses the New River Gorge.



Rafters out on the New River this morning.






The entrance to the Greenbrier Resort Hotel. Congress retreats to here when DC is under attack. Nothing too good for Congress while hiding out and on the run.



The train then climbed up to the Summit Tunnel then descended through Covington to our next station of Clifton Forge.





Clifton Forge Amtrak Station.




Several pieces of the C&O Heritage Railroad Museum in Clifton Forge,VA which we will be visiting again this Friday. The train continued east to Staunton, our station stop on our route.there. The train arrived in Staunton and during my fresh air break, because we arrived 12 minutes early, it started to pour down rain. This was the first good rain of this trip and we could expect more to come.




The train ran on time down to Charlottesville where I detrained during the train crew change for a few pictures.



Our sleeper car 62022.

    The Cardinal at rest at Charlottesville. The train ran down the Buckingham Branch to Orange then onto the old Southern Railway mainline north to Culpepper, Manasssas and then on to Alexandria. It rained most of the way north towards DC. After that it crossed the Potomac River and through the Potomac Tunnel and the final stop of the Cardinal at Washington DC Union


    We walked into Club Acela and checked to see if we could take an earlier train to New York City. They said to call Guest Rewards which Chris did and used his points for Business Class on Train 186. The hostesses in Club Acela then printed our tickets and soon we were on our way out to the train on a rainy night.

Northeast Regional 186

    We got on the train and Chris called to see if we could get into the Hotel Pennsylvania and their answer was no! We got on and he came up with an idea why not Newark, New Jersey and we got a room at the Hotel Rivera. The train left on time and made it through the night and all too soon we arrived into Newark. We then taxied out to the Hotel Rivera for the night. I think we got one of the last rooms here. All the hotels in the area were heavily booked but we save some dollars by staying in New Jersey instead of Manhattan. The room had two bedrooms so we each had our own room. A quick shower and then it was time to hit the sack.

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Text and Photos by Author

The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent.

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