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My name is Randy Hubmann. I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, 8 miles South of Biddle Yard, on the Rock Island's Hot Springs Branch. I now live in Bauxite, AR, which is at MP 18.8 on the same line. I am a member of the Rock Island Technical Society (RITS), the RITSlist and many of the other RI groups on the internet. I collect HO scale Rock Island model trains for a future layout based on the Hot Springs Branch. I was born just after the Rock Island shutdown, so I didn't experience the RI first-hand. That is why it is so exciting for me to view and help preserve these images and the history of the Rock Island. These images are snapshots into the past, and I am glad that there were people that had the foresight to take photographs. I hope to be able to help preserve them, and make them more accessible for you. I would like to scan your collection no matter what the size. I have scanned over 7.341 slides and counting. (Nearly 900 slides for Bob Sinclair and former RITS Director, Dick Hutchins)

If you are interested in having your collection scanned, or have any questions, please contact me by one of the following ways:

Randy Hubmann

6917 Bobby Woods Road

Bauxite, AR 72011-9160

ph (501) 315-1352

ph (501) 658-6447 (should be a free call for AT&T Cellular users)

Home Page              Sample Images               About Me / Contact Information