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Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
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Our Railfanning photographs from around the world - From Scale Models to Narrow Gauge to Standard Gauge; from Steam to Diesel; from Freight to Passenger; it's all here...
Antonito Yard
Run By #1
Run By #2
Chama Yard #1
Chama Yard #2
Chama Yard #3
Chama Yard #4
Trip Photos #1
Trip Photos #2
Trip Photos #3
Trip Photos #4
Trip Photos #5
Trip Photos #6
Cumbres Pass
Brochure #1
Brochure #2
Brochure #3

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
America's Highest and Longest Narrow Gauge Railroad
September 21-23, 2005

Index of Photographs and Video Clips of this Railfanning Trip

Rolling Stock Roster As documented by the FOCTS at the time of this trip
Day #1 - Antonito Yard See the Steam Engines, Freight, Passenger, and MOW Cars we find.
Day #1 - Run By #1 Watch the C&TS pass us by along an access road near Highway 17
Day #1 - Run By #2 Watch the C&TS arrive at Cumbres Pass, Colorado at Highway 17
Day #1 - Chama Yard #1 We arrive that night in Chama; Darren gets some Railfan shots in
Day #2 - Chama Yard #2 It's morning and Lisa and Darren take several Railfan photographs
Day #2 - Chama Yard #3 Lots and lots of Steam Engines, Freight, Passenger, and MOW Cars
Day #2 - Chama Yard #4 We wrap up our Railfan photos and board the C&TS for our ride.
Day #2 - Trip Photos  #1 We pull out of Chama, NM and head toward Cresco Tank in Colorado
Day #2 - Trip Photos  #2 We climb Windy Point as a Double Header to the Cumbres Pass Wye
Day #2 - Trip Photos  #3 Next is Tanglefoot Curve, Los Pinos Tank, and over Cascade Trestle
Day #2 - Trip Photos  #4 Stopping at Osier, pass Garfield Monument, & through Rock Tunnel
Day #2 - Trip Photos  #5 Pass through Phantom Curve, Mud Tunnel, & Sublette, New Mexico
Day #2 - Trip Photos  #6 Pass Big Horn Wye, Lava Tank, arrive in Antonito, & take a bus back
Day #3 - Cumbres Pass We drive up Highway 17 to Cumbres Pass and the Movie Set
Brochure #1 A Trip Map to the CUMBRES & TOLTEC SCENIC RAILROAD


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Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad - Official Site
Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, Inc. (FOCTS)
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September 19, 2008
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