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Welcome to the
Delaware and Hudson Virtual Museum (DHVM)

A pictorial history of The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company (D&H CC) & Delaware and Hudson Railroad (D&H RR)

This "Virtual Museum" is to help preserve the complete history of
"America's oldest continually operated transportation company"
(Canal, Gravity Railroad, Railway {Freight & Passenger}, and Steamship)
through images and data collected by D&H fans world wide.

Museum Wings Images Notes
Canal Era: The Delaware and Hudson Canal & Gravity Railroad (1828-1898)
Canal 63 Life begins with COAL needing shipped via a Canal with Locks and Aqueducts
Gravity RR 27 Honesdale to Carbondale Pennsylvania (PA) and on to Olyphant and the Steam Era
Honesdale 10 Here is where the Canal and Gravity Railroad met; plus The D&H CC Office
Railroad Era: From the earliest Steam to the Modern Diesel (1860-Today)

Steam 265 Not counting the "Stourbridge Lion", Steam Engines begin operation in 1860

Diesel 1,007 Diesel Engines appear in 1944 with Alco No. 3000 and grew into a fleet

Freight 84 The cars behind the engines that made the money

Passenger 39 Route of the Famous Montreal Limited between New York and Montreal

Caboose 104 Those special little cars bring up the rear

MOW 71 Maintenance is on the Way

Other 12 Wrecks, etc.
History 449 Timeline Historical Information (March 13, 1823) Plus more
Memorabilia 695 Items such as: Fine China, Police, Postcards, Time Tables, etc.
Publications 138 Items found in Print (Reference Material) about The D&H
Steamboats 37 The Lake Champlain or Lake George Steamships of The D&H
Structures 378 Not just the Depots/Stations and Offices but "Hotels" too
Models 292 Scale miniatures of equipment that existed as well as though never did


127 Various computer generated art used throughout the site

Total "Unique" Images:


and still growing thanks to and the Contributors.

January 22, 2000
Last Updated:
August 19, 2007
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