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Vintage Rail Photo - Madison - Part 1

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Vintage Rail Photo's

By Craig H. Bluschke

Madison, WI

Milwaukee Road

This structure housed the Milwaukee's business offices, passenger waiting room, and 24-hour train order office, along with a small interlocking panel controlling a nearby crossing with the C&NW. 

Passenger service in later years consisted of The Sioux which made a daily round-trip from Chicago to Madison and the weekend-only Varsity which existed mainly to serve students traveling to Chicago from the nearby university campus.  Direct train service ceased with the start of Amtrak in 1971 but for a number of years Amtrak continued to use the waiting room area as terminus for it's bus connection to nearby Columbus, Wisconsin. That service eventually was transferred to the local bus depot and the railroad used the former passenger waiting room as a storage area.

Part 2 - The 1980's and 90's


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