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Flyer 720/720a switches 720 Remote Flyer Switches

The American Flyer 720 remote switch was produced from 1946 to 1949. The 720a was introduced in 1949. It was produced till 1956.  The switches differed in base, motor and lamp cover. There was a V notch in the base between the straight rails and the curved rails just in front of the 2 train button, there was a long motor housing in back of the binding posts, and the lamp cover was round from side to side, and that square area was more shallow as the motor was not under the lamp assembly. 
The 720A switches had the base filled in between the straight rails, and the curved rails in front of the 2 train button, The motor housing was removed from behind the binding posts as the motor was mounted under the lamp assembly. The lamp housing is taller and more square with the cover having a rounded top but with straight sides.
One more important thing about the differences in the 720 and 720A switches is that only the 720 has a MANUAL SLIDE SWITCH located between the lamp house and the straight track.  You could use the slide to MANUALLY throw the switch or you could use the remote levers. When Gilbert went to the 720A, they dropped the slide switch feature.
Because of internal differences, make sure you have the correct control lever before you connect them to power.
The 720 switches had 'non-self centering' control levers.
Thanks to my S-Trains buddies for the text and pictures for this page. 'S' is the best, especially when it comes to friends.

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