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S-Trains FAQ S-Trains FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 
What is the best way to...
E-Unit Diagram
More Smoke
Flyer Track Trips
Rewind Motors
Lubrication Tips
Smoke Tips
A/F Loco Specs
Module Construction Tips
Secrets of Solder
Flyer SawMill Tips
What Is DCC?
Compare 'S' to other Gauges?
Find out how much my train$ are worth?
Are Toy trains a 'Good Investment'?
Repair loose drive tires on Flyer Steamers?
Clean up old Track?
Get smoke unit to generate smoke?
Get reverse unit functioning?
Convert to DC?
Get decals for my trains?
Find wiring diagrams?
What about Train Software?
Get parts?
What magazines are available for 'S'?
What books are available?
Use track actuators with non Flyer track?
Find Flyer stuff on the internet?
Get On the S-Trains Mailing List?
Convert a Lionel Gondola to Flyer?(working) 
Find rubber roadbed?
Eliminate locomotive wobble?(looking for input) 
Find layout design software?
Remove the 'white stuff' from wheels?(looking for input) 
Loco TuneUp
What are full wave and half wave rectifiers?
SHS Switch repair
Slow-in-forward Syndrome
Track Ballast
Cheap Flyer Track
Flyer Switch Repair
Proto Switch Numbers
Add second motor to Diesel
Cattle Loader Tips
Rocket Launcher Tips
Coupler Options
A 'back and forth' switch for trolley like action.
What is Block Control?
720 vs 720a Flyer Switches??
What the heck is S-Trains?
What are the S-Trains list Guidelines?
Operate a loco after 20+ years of storage?
Make a Flyer handcar run on DC and be able to control direction?
Join the weekly Flyer Chat?
Find out about the NASG?
Power LEDs using track power?
Power EOTs lights using track power?
Build an electronic track trip?
Control Flyer switches with buttons?
Re-string a crane?
Do Coupler Conversions?
Identify Flyer Control Buttons?
Fix the buzz in a Action Caboose?
Find Used trains for sale?
Find New trains for sale?
Choose smoke fluid?
Find out what track is available for 'S'?
Lubricate my trains
Find cork roadbed?
Where can I get Electrionic Parts

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