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S-Trains FAQ Question: Find rubber roadbed?
Answer:    Check with the parts suppliers. Often you can find it at local
train shows.  Check the On-Line auction EBay. (Paul) BACK

Question: Choose a smoke fluid?
I prefer Lehigh Valley Train Service's Live Steam in the brown glass bottle
with the dropper and white and orange label marked "S-gauge".  I tried
Super Smoke and found it to be too thick/over-formulated.  Live Steam works
well (assuming your wick and coil are OK). David_Horn
Live Steam has 8 "flavors" of which is "S". Personally, I prefer LS to
Supersmoke, for multiple reasons, BUT the manufacturer is not delivering it to
dealers, and it has become very difficult to obtain.  As a result, we are
forced to return to selling Supersmoke.
Doug Peck     Port Lines Hobby Supply   BACK

Question: Lubricate my trains?
Waiting for input (Paul)

Question: Eliminate Locomotive Wobble?
Waiting for input (Paul)

Question: Are there any commercially available switches or devices that change the
direction of a locomotive automatically so that it can run back and forth
on a short, single piece of track?
1) Michael Greene wrote.... Miniatronics sells a reversing unit (RU1-1), with all parts needed.
Operates automatically or with push buttons, I think. Includes a DC power
supply -- designed for 12V I think -- don't know if it can handle more.
Available from any dealer selling Miniatronics.

2) Roger Delthony wrote .... Dallee Electronics offers a variety of
"AUTOMATIC BACK-N-FORTH" control packages for reversing locomotives/trolleys
automatically on a single track or multiple connected tracks.  ..


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