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Wireing diagram for American Flyer Steam Locomotive

Wiring Diagrams for American Flyer® & 'S' 

Flyer Accessories
Misc Projects
583/583a Magnetic Crane
591 Crossing Gate
644/944 Crane car re-string
751 Log Loader
752 Coal Loader
758-A Sam the Semaphore
761 Semaphore
771 Stock Yard
787 Log Loader
23791 Cow on Track
23796 Saw Mill
Air Chime Hookup
Track Pickup (third rail)

314aw tender Wiring Diagram

372 Diesel Diagram

Basic Steam Locomotive Wire Diagram

Steam Loco Jumper (test loco without tender)

Block & Switch train control
Track powered EOT lights
Track powered LEDs
full and half wave rectifiers?
AF-Switches - Hook up/Wiring
Track Trip / Current Sensor
Replacing E-Unit with Rectifier for using DC voltage
LED Tech Data
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