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Hi and welcome to my webpage. Please excuse the dust as I undertake a plan to finish uploading all of my gifs (Train Gif History), and update the look of my pages. If you came here expecting to see gifs, I am truly sorry to disappoint you but I have taken them off of this site for the time being, so please be patient. I chose to take my gifs off of here as I re-establish my file hierarchy of my archived files. Check back often to see where the update process is and in the mean time, feel free to check out my New Gifs. Despite the renovations that are underway, I am still taking requests. Feel free to contact me here and I will try to get back to you as fast as I can. Thanks for stopping by and please visit again when the site is completed. You won't be disappointed.

I figured I would add a little to this page to show the new level of detail I've acheived. Comments are always welcome.

Before After Description
The first gif was created on: -?- and of my own creation. The second Gif was finished on August 14, 2005. Still my own creation, but a better logo, and more realistic placement of the grpahics.
The first gif was modified off of Cullen's Pacer Container (I added the end red stripes), and was completed on: -?-. The new Gif was created on August 14, 2005. The new model sports realistic colors and logos, and was scratchdrawn by me.
The first gif was modified from one of Chris Denbow's Tank cars in February of 2003. The Right Gif was created on May 30, 2005 by utilizing by BNSF Executive Caboose modified from a Dave Epling Caboose.
The left Engine was drawin in April of 2005, and the Right one is a revamp, completed September 14, 2005.
I forget when I repainted the Well car on the Left but I repainted/Edited my GRBX well and finished up the new well on the 5th of Feburary 2006.

Gregg Staley
"Giffing Reality Everyday"
The Sandusky Bay Carshop Corporation
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The Train Gif Yahoo Group... a plethora of stored information.

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