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Welcome to the Information desk. The links below will help you navigate the presented information. Enjoy, and check back often please.

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The last update to the SBCC website was created on January 17, 2006

January 17, 2006. Its been a while, but college tends to do that to you. A Few more pages have been finished, and some new gifs put up. Thanks for being patient, and above all enjoy my work. Comments Welcome.

January 17, 2006. Its been a while, but college tends to do that to you. A Few more pages have been finished, and some new gifs put up. Thanks for being patient, and above all enjoy my work. Comments Welcome. September 15, 2005. A lot has been added in the past month. I have finished a few more pages and was workign on file organizations, but was set back by a major computer glitch. Everything is still backed up. Also in the TrainGif group there has been talk of switching to a new scale. This new scale is not terribly larger than the last one, but more detailed. The scale is 1 pixel = 10 cm (or 3.94 inches) This scale has been online for a number of years, but we recently started becoming active in Traffic Scaled Gifs. My first one was added online. Enjoy, and thanks for bearing with the dust, check back often.
August 14, 2005.
Added new gifs, added a detail section to the online index page for viewing pleasure, and started addign to my intermodal pages. A little explanation: When I add new gifs online, I have a ritual I follow, that is equivalent to the amount of detail I add to the gifs. First of all, I add the new gif to its proper page, then I complete the citing. After that I add it to my New Gifs Page, usuing the same coding as the proper page so it's easy. After that I update the other pages (i.e this page, the Index etc). I think that about sums it up. Long story short.... look for more small details as thats what ive been focusing on. If you keep those all the same, the end result will look that much better.
August 06, 2005. Added new gifs, got closer to completing more pages, and will be adding a couple of Layout Pictures shortly.
August 01, 2005. I continued to update pages, and added to my N Scale Layout and New Gif Page.
July25, 2005. I continued to update pages, and added to my O Scale Layout Page.
July23, 2005. Between the last entry and the present day, I have added numerous updates, and Gifs. But as of July 22, 2004. I took my site as you know it off line. I decieded to do this because i am changing the layout of my website, and the color scheme of the pages. Untill I am able to put a working site online I figured it was best to leave a 404 prone maze offline. Thanks for bearing with me through this transition and check back.
May 06, 2005. I started a major over haul to the site. I created a new Home page, and have since been reorganizing my site in regards to hte New Setup. Please Bear with me. Finals are setting in, and I might not get enough time to keep dilligetn work on this site, but the summer is coming. There are also new Gifs on the way as well. I hope the new layout will be pleasing, and welcome any comments. Thanks again to the many visiters here at the Sandusky Bay Carshops Corporate page.
April 30, 2005. It's been a month, but I added and reworked the Emergency Gifs Page. I added a DoD (Military) Fire Page. I worked on organization of the page. I have been busy with college, - but have been trying to wrok on this so once again, please excuse the dust and bear with me.
March 30, 2005. I updated and added pics and pages to my layout section. As a side update... I had to do a reformat to my computer and all my gifs and everything is saved, but dis -organized so I am reorgnaizing. Enjoy, and -bear with me. Gregg
March 10, 2005. I added pictoral links to the home page for Rolling Stock, and updated the regional page. I also updated the copyrights in my logo for the 2005 year.
February 25, 2005. I added Kent Fire Department Gifs to My Ohio FD Page.
February 22, 2005. I added more pictures to my layout page.
February 18, 2005. I added CN and CP gifs to the Canadian Page. Did some more cleaning and polishing of the rest of the site.
February 14, 2005. I finally updated the link sections in the Class One page. I switched the picture as the link to the Gifs, and the text link for the corporate pages.
February 13, 2005. I update my Layout page and fixed the broken photos.
February 11, 2005. I updated the Layout and Project page with some pictures of my dorm room Nscale layout. I also made some further progress on my Gif Request page. Page: Layouts and Projects - Gif Requests.
February 08, 2005. Wow, Sorry for the long time with out any updates. Im still in the process of uploading all my gifs, and re-organizing my pages. I have gotten -sidetracked with school and - many other things. I also have been -absent from the giffin industry as well, but am slowly reowrking my production line. I also added a page that I will be able to upload pictures from all my -nlayouts, projects, and dioramas.That is all for -now as it's late and I have -class. Look for more -updates coming soon. Also Minor changes were made to this section of the Info Desk
September 29, 2004. I added The Regional Page and some Misc Updates. Page: Short Lines.
September 17, 2004. I reworked some of the Meta Tags/Headings. I also added some more - gifs.
September 11, 2004. (God Bless all those who have fallen) I reworked some of the link Orientation on the main page. I also updated this Information page... I
- changed the colors of the Disclaimer banner.
August 30, 2004. I added a link to the Maritime Gif Showcase page I created to showcase the many maritime gifs that have been created. Just waiting on Artist -Approavals to Post. I also -added headers to separate the different -facets to my website. I hope they will make items less confusing. Time will tell.August 20, 2004. I -added the MoW Vehicle section under the Vehicle -Link here. Included divisions are the BNSF, CN, CSX, NS, UP and TTX/SRS -(Sperry Rail Service)
August 19, 2004. I updated the Links to RR Home pages in the Class-one Section, and added the Boeing Gif page... found under the Rolling Stock Section.
August 16, 2004. I added the MoW Pages (BNSF,CP,NS, and UP)
August 15, 2004. I added The Rolling Stock Page, Auto Rack PAge, and Tank Car page.
August 14, 2004. In this update i fixed some improperly displayed images. "
August 13, 2004. Saw the implementation of a couple of pages with Gifs featured on them.
July 28, 2004. This site was created.

A little history about the Sandusky Bay Carshop Corporation

In late 2002, I rediscovered some old train drawings I had laying around on disk. These pictures were Dan Klitzingís Train GIFs, which can be found at Dan's Depot. Shortly after that I stumbled onto Erik Rassmussenís website I then contacted him via e-mail inquiring how to draw these GIFs. He directed me to the Train GIF group at Yahoo. When I joined this group I was exposed to a great artistic resource. There were many artists on this group and we had a place to showcase our work, most of which can be found at Tony Hillís Frograil After seeing what could be done with such a small image, I decided to try my hand at it and produced my first GIF in November of 2002. At that time there was already a plethora of GIFs on the web and since then this hobby has grown two-fold. There are many wonderful and talented artists, of all ages, involved and it continues to grow today.

Until March of 2004 I was just letting my works of art be display in the Frograil Showcase. It was at this point in time I decided to set up a website for my GIFs. A generic two page small showcase was set up in December 2003, but this website did not work and I decided to create a new one. Thus the Sandusky Bay Carshop Corporation was born. Nick Wilson helped me in the creation of the name, and I decided to make this into a sort of non-profit business. Essentially what happens is I draw GIFs on my own, and per other peopleís requests. I have made business cards for my business so that I may be able to pass the word about what I have to offer. There are many ways to contact The SBCC, the coporate website, the corporate E-mail, and the corporate phone number is 419-366-2720. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or comments regarding the industry, product line, company information, or graphic requests.

Product Line Background

Train GIFs are the final product in a process that goes from an idea to the drawing board and finally to the web as a finished product. But what is a Train GIF? A GIF is an image format that is small in size and only allows 256 colors. A Train GIF is an image of a train in this format, but averages only 22 pixels in height. Length varies depending on the equipment represented. The scale used to complete the gifs is set at 1 pixel = 8.5 inches.

For more in-depth historical information about the beginnings of Train GIFs, go to: Train Gif History

Types of Product

I have completed many types of GIFs, over 1400 in fact. I have drawn locomotives and rolling stock, scenic accessories (signals, switch stands, switch heaters and other railroad related equipment), structures, maintenance of way (MoW), semis, emergency vehicles, military equipment, and miscellaneous others. Over time I have started to hone my skills and specialize in certain fields. Sandusky Bay Carshop Corporation specializes in MoW and vehicle GIFs. The other fields are just as good, but I tend to specialize in the afore mentioned areas.

Processes of Completion of the Product Line:

There are many ways one can go about to create a GIF. At the Sandusky Bay Carshop Corporation we employ MS Paint and Jasc Paint Shop Pro, including Animation Shop. There are many methods available to create a GIF. From the Beginning I have used MS Paint to draw my graphics. This software is somewhat limited to making only Bitmaps. A bitmap is many times larger than a GIF and can have a basis of 24 million colors. A GIF, once completed has a transparent background. This cannot be achieved using MS Paint. Thus Paint Shop Pro is used. Animation shop helps me to animate the GIFs. I have presently graduated from MS Paint to Jasc Paint Shop Pro. This program has far more options and avenues to complete a gif. Other programs available (not all mentioned) include Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Gif Animator. There are tutorials for different aspects of creating a gif featured at Train Gif Tutorials

Discalimers and Definition of Image Copyrights:

Any Railroad mentioned herein is in no means affiliated with The Sandusky Bay Carshop Corporation or Gregg Staley.

Copyright considerations: You are authorized to download and use these images on your personal website -- Please do so. (as a personal request I would like to see the site to see my work in action, and I would like to be cited for my effort) You are not authorized to download and use these images on any website or other medium that has any commercial content. For example, if you have "Jon Doe's Railfan Pages" without any advertisements, that's fine. But when you place your first banner ad or other commercial content on your pages, you are no longer authorized to use these gifs without my written permission . If usage is desired please send me (See the here below in the closing or this) your copyright request.

Questions, comments, or graphic requests:   Contact me here.

© 2002-2006 by Gregg Staley.