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MoPac Passenger & Business Cars - Screaming Eagles Over the Prairie
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  Passenger Equipment
MP Coach #6210 - near St. Louis, Missouri - © photo Craig Meador

Below are a few examples of Missouri Pacific's passenger equipment, a few in Eagle colors of gray and blue. and of these most are privatly owned today. Long live the "Route of the Eagles!"


We'll start off with a few shots of passenger trains last days on the MoP (more can be seen under Streamliners), followed by some examples of different cars put into service.
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MP 41
- with a passenger train trudges through the snowswept Warrensburg; 1970's - Mike Cafferata Photo

MP 41
- traveling on a warmer day; 1970's - Mike Cafferata Photo
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- with passenger train; 1970's - Mike Cafferata Photo

C&EI 43
- at Warrensburg station. Note the Fairmont Speeder on the MoW truck; 1970's - Mike Cafferata Photo

C&EI 43
- the run of the Last Texas Eagle; 4/30/71 - Mike Cafferata Photo

MP/ Railway Express Agency car #124?
- and two heavyweight passenger cars on the Little Rock local leaving Memphis in 1948. - T. Greuter Collection ·

MP 17
- at Warrensburg; 1970's - Mike Cafferata Photo

MP 16
- at Warrensburg; 1970's - Mike Cafferata Photo

MP Grill Coach
- 1970's. One of two P.S. baggage - coaches that MoPac bought from the Maine Central and rebuilt as grill - coach cars. Wish we knew the number but it is at least a great example of recycling,. Thanks to Jim Laboda for details - Mike Cafferata Photo

MP Budd Diner Coach
- 1970's - Mike Cafferata Photo

MP Coach "Eagle Cliff" - near Temple, Texas in 1986. The car is owned by former Texas State Representative George Pierce. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

"Eagle Cliff" - The Missouri Pacific sleeper lounge Eagle Cliff is a Pullman-Standard car built in 1948 for Missouri Pacific/Texas & Pacific's new Texas Eagle.  The 85-foot-long sleeper lounge of aluminum alloy construction was assigned to Texas Eagle Trains 1 and 2 which ran between St. Louis and Ft. Worth. Retired in 1966, it is the sole survivor of three such cars built by Pullman-Standard. - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

"Eagle Cliff" - Still wearing Eagle colors, the Eagle Cliff today runs as part of the Hill Country Flyer excursion train. - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

MP passenger - in Jenks Blue. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

A Texas Eagle passenger unit - this car is in the later Jenk's Blue scheme of the '60's. Milano, TX, 7/70 - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

MP sleeper - located just up the highway from Wagoner, Oklahoma as it is seen today. Along with an ex-MP caboose (in M-K-T paint), these cars are parked beside the old Wagoner M-K-T depot which has been renovated into a restaurant. 11/11/01 - © T. Greuter Photo

Eagle Baggage car
- This restored/repainted car is on display at the impressive R.R. Museum in Atchison Kansas. 4/14/01 - © T. Greuter Photo ·

Eagle Baggage car
- at Atchison Kansas. 4/14/01 - © T. Greuter Photo ·

Missouri Pacific Stainless Steel passenger coach - is in Bracken, Texas in 1988. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

Dome Cars

There were two groups of dome cars:
Cars 890, 891 &  892 were built by Budd for the Missouri River and Colorado Eagles. 
Cars 893, 894, 895, 896 and T&P 200 were built by Pullman-Standard for the Texas Eagles. 

A good website on dome cars can be found at:, including links to both dome car types' diagram sheets. There are photos and up-to-date information



The car Colorado Eagle was built by American Car & Foundry in 1955 as dome diner #8004. The stainless steel train was constructed by the Budd Company and painted blue and gray to match the other Eagle trains.

The equipment on the Colorado Eagle train remained much the same (a dome coach, three sleepers, a flat coach, grill-coach and diner lounge) until the name was dropped in February, 1964. In April, 1966 the entire train was discontinued. The dome car Colorado Eagle was reacquired by Union Pacific in 1993. (source UPRR website)


The Sunshine Special - Coach Car

The Sunshine Special was built by American Car & Foundry in 1954 as 44-seat coach No. 5480. It was named Sunshine Special in 1989. (after the train it once served on)

The train Sunshine Special made its first trip on December 5, 1915, providing, through service over the Missouri Pacific Lines and the Texas and Pacific Railway between St. Louis, Missouri, and Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Galveston and San Antonio, Texas. By 1924, the route of the Sunshine Special had been extended to Shreveport, Louisiana; Laredo and El Paso, Texas; and Los Angeles, California. In 1929, through service was extended to New Orleans, Louisiana, and to Corpus Christi and Brownsville, Texas. The Sunshine Special was among the first trains to offer the comfort of air-conditioning in 1933.

The Sunshine Special was replaced by the Texas Eagle on August 15, 1948, and was listed for the last time in the December 1961 timetable. (source UPRR website)


The Texas Eagle - Coach Car

The Texas Eagle was built by American Car & Foundry in 1954 as 44-seat coach No. 5483. It was named the Texas Eagle in 1990 (after the train it once served on).

On August 15, 1948, a new train, the streamlined, diesel-powered Texas Eagle took over the Sunshine Special's number and route, inheriting a tradition of travel leadership in the Southwest that dated back to 1915. There were several Texas Eagles operating on the Missouri Pacific Lines. The West Texas Eagle ran from St. Louis, Missouri, to El Paso, Texas. The South Texas Eagle ran from St. Louis to Galveston, Texas, and on to San Antonio, Texas, where it connected with the Aztec Eagle to Mexico City, Mexico. At Houston, Texas, the South Texas Eagle connected with the Valley Eagle to and from Corpus Christi, and Brownsville, Texas, and the Rio Grande Valley.

The Texas Eagles were painted a combination of Cerulean Blue and Dove Gray, matching other Missouri Pacific streamliners. On September 22, 1970, all passenger service in Texas was discontinued and on May 1, 1971, the service from St. Louis to Texarkana, Texas was ended. (source UPRR website)




  Business Cars

Missouri Pacific business car #8 on the InterAmerican at Temple, Texas on April 1981 Arrived on the San Antonio section - the Houston section (combined here) is on the right. This is at the former Santa Fe station. #8 was built in 1925 as a parlor car and rebuilt in 1966. - © photo by Gary Morris.

Though the MoPac passenger car fleet was depleted as the dawn of Amtrak took over operations, it wasn't the end for some of these cars. The company's business car fleet continued to ply the rails as company executives and guests traveled across the system.

The business cars owned by MoPac were varied in design and construction, but all were painted in the modern Jenk's blue with white reflective stripes, and full color eagle buzzsaws in a style similar to that used on the locomotives by the late 1970's. The end "porch" areas were usually painted aluminum.

MP #1 - at Sedalia Mo. on train #16 in October 1970. - Mike Cafferata Photo

MP 8 - the same business car as above. Also notice that this car has both the eagle and buzzsaw logos. - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

MP 8 - same car from the opposite view. Houston, TX, 5/30/83 - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

MP 9 - business car. Houston, TX, 7/70 - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

MP 10 - business car. Houston, TX, 8/21/82 - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

MP 11 - business car. Houston, TX, 1/74 - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

MP 20 - business car - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

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Featured Photographers:
Brian Ehni, Mike Cafferata, Jay Glenewinkel, Craig Meador, and Gary Morris

Route of the Eagles - Missouri Pacific in the Streamlined Era

Greg Stout


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