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General Signals - an excellent source for replacement signal lenses.

Online Metals - an excellent source for sheet aluminum for backgrounds and visors.Call to place an order, as the online prices are far too high for larger sheets.

Rayvern Lighting Supply- an excellent source for color light signal bulbs.I ordered a couple of dozen for about $1.50 each and they work great even though they are not official signal bulbs and a bit smaller in diameter.Ask for bulb SR 93.These are single contact bayonet S-8 shape with a C-6 filament.They are 12.8 volt, 1.04 amp bulbs.

Safetran Systems - check out their rear serviceable color light signal and their state of the art fiber optic searchlight signal located on their products pages.

Union Switch and Signal - some information on signals.Also could be source for small replacement parts.

Trans-Lite, Inc.
120 Wampus Lane
Milford, CT 06460-4857
phone: (203) 878-8567
fax: (203) 877-2630
- source for gyra light parts

Other Interesting Signal Sites

Danís Wig-wag Search

Gyrating Warning Lights

Signaling in the USA


Special thanks to Brian McMahon for photographs of US&S H-5 signal and stacked ground mounted signal.



Photos below.Color light signal background and searchlight visor I fabricated from sheet aluminum.For the background I used .090 inch thickness temper 5052.Because this is very difficult to bend, I used .065 inch thickness temper 5052 for the visor.Avoid temper 6061 as it is a harder grade which makes cutting difficult and bending probably impossible without machinery.To cut, I use a nail to scratch an outline of the final shape, then, with a saber saw equipped with a metal cutting blade, I cut as close as possible to the outside of the line.To obtain the final shape, I use a file to remove the excess metal down to the scratched line.To finish, I sand the edges with 400 grit sand paper, remove scratches with 0000 grade steel wool and prime and paint with Krylon gray primer and black semi-flat spray paints.