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Ryde South - Brading large staff, 'B' configuration.

 During the summer period the staff section was shortened to Smallbrook -Brading  Junction, the brass location caps were replaced accordingly.


In 1957 the large staffs were replaced with Key Token, again 'B' configuration.

The summer practice of shortening the token section continued.


Sandown - Shanklin, key tokens 'C' configuation, both alloy and steel examples.

Note that the steel example has a round hole in the handle instead of triangular, no doubt as a result of the Southern's practice of re-using equipment wherever possible.


Wroxall - Ventnor, large staff, 'C' configuration


In 1957 the Large Staffs were replaced by key token, 'A' configuration.


Ryde South - Haven Street, M type miniature staff, 'D' configuration.

Just like the line to Brading, the staff section was shortened during the summer, and the caps on the staffs were changed for Smallbrook Junction - Haven Street.


In 1960 the miniature staffs were replaced with Key Tokens. 'D' configuration


Newport - Haven St, Tyer No 6 tablet, 'A' configuration, the tablet has been re-engraved, it would originally have been Wippingham - Haven St


In 1958 the tablets were replaced by key tokens, 'C' configuration.


Newport - Cowes key token, 'B' configuration.


Newport - Shide, Tyer No 6 tablet, 'B' configuration.

Note that the configuration notch has been modified, more than likely since the tablet came out of use.


Paper train staff tickets for the line from Newport to Freshwater.


Merstone - Whitwell, train staff.


Train staffs from the NRM collection




Sandown to Merstone Junction, train Staff Ticket



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