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Train Staff ticket and ticket box


Walsingham - Fakenham staff and ticket box




The line from Dereham to Wymondham was singled over the weekend 12-13th June 1965 and Key Token working introduced.

Key Token working was abolished and One Engine in Steam working introduced on Tuesday 28th October 1969. The line being closed in June 1989




The first section of the line to open for Passengers, under the Mid-Norfolk Railway was from Dereham - Yaxham on 29th November 1995. This was from a temporary terminus at Rash's Green.

From 26th July 1997 the service was extended into Dereham Station, at this point the Annett's key was added to the staff.

The line was reopened to Wymondham in June 1998 and the staff was re-engraved Dereham - Wymondham. This was applicable to Church Lane crossing at 0m 56ch, the final section to the BR boundary at 0m 8ch was worked permissively.

Permissive section shortened and 'Wymondham Loop' (0m 42ch to 0m 56ch) staff introduced after HMRI inspection 3rd March 2006. The Annett's key is used to unlock the two ground frames at the ends of the loop.

Thuxton loop was brought into use on 18th September 2010. Normally switched out, it can be brought into service by inserting the Dereham - Wymondham staff into the frame, this releases the two short section staffs/keys.



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