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Open House 2002

On Saturday, March 2, six members of the South Jersey S Gaugers made a trek to the open house event hosted by Don and Robin Thompson of S-Helper Service. We were treated with some excellent discounts, an informative seminar on maintenance,  and a buffet table that was kept full throughout the day. We were even invited to participate in Rogers birthday party! In appreciation, we have devoted some of our WEB space to report on the event. Many thanks Don & Robin! You can visit their WEB site at:

(These images are thumbnails, click on an image to see the full-size picture.)

Don & Robin Thompson. SHS showroom layout. Part of the warehouse. Special Sales.
Don & Robin Thompson
SJSG visits SHS 
Warehouse shelves
Special sale items
Don shows 2-8-0 plans. More new products. SW9 plans. F-7 Plans.
Talking about the 2-8-0
Discussion about new products
SW9 plans
F-7 engineering plans
New F's on display. More new F's. New Products display. Details of the new F.
3 new engines 
3 more new engines
new products on display
A Pennsy F-7 closeup
Proto of new hopper. Engineering sample. New paint scheme. Latest paint scheme.
New product sample
Test sample of new hopper
New boxcar
New paint scheme
Holiday package? The new #5 switch. Moving frog close-up. Don explains to Ben.
Holiday Idea!
new #5 switch
Frog closeup
Don and Ben talk
Rogers birthday party! Don adjusts the packaging. Notes on the day. Not at the OpenHouse.
A birthday party!
Don carves the styrofoam
Notes of the discussions with Don on new products.
Latest Billboard Reefer

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