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Greg started his layout in early 2001 after a few months of planning. These images depict his progress in 2001 - to see his most recent work since January 2002, click here.

(Photo's by Gerg Berndtson)
These images are thumbnails, click on an image to see the full-size picture.

The Start. Forming land. Building mountains. One scene done!
The Start
Forming land
Building mountains
One scene done!
Only 10% done. Tunnel approach. A diorama. Kit-bashed engine house.
Only 30% done
Tunnel approach
A diorama
Kit-bashed engine house
Detailing the engine house. Modified HO crane. Highway bridge over... ...tunnels to the closet.
Detailing the engine house
Modified HO crane
Highway bridge over...
...tunnels to the closet
Background scenery. Start with this. . . fit it like this. . . and end up with this!
Background scenery
Start with this. . .
fit it like this. . .
and end up with this!
Freight House details. Under construction. Finished scene. Progress in the layout.




Industry setting. Atlantic Coal. Atlantic Industry. Industrial Siding.

Atlantic Cement
Atlantic Industry
Industrial Siding
Commercial Fence. City Block. Downtown. Storefront.
Commercial Fence
City Block

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