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Greg Berndtson's RR
in 2002

Greg started his layout in early 2001 after a few months of planning. These images depict his progress in 2002 - to see his work since January 2001, click here.

(Photo's by Gerg Berndtson)
These images are thumbnails, click on an image to see the full-size picture.

Art Deco Gas Station. . . . . .Other Side. Switch Tower Before. . . Switch Tower After!
kit-Bashed Port Lines Hobby kit
Gas Station Detailing
The before picture
The after picture
Interior of the Tower Charlie's Deli and Grill. Newest section. Drop-down position.
Just a few little details!
Greasy spoon saloon
Newest section
Drop-down position
Garrity Drugs. Joe B's Auto Sales. Construction scene. Digging the foundation.
Garrity Drugs
Joe B's Auto Sales
Construction scene
Digging the foundation
Curran and Burton Fuel Fuel Depot from HO kit Storage tanks from Walthers Judge's Welding Shop
Curran & Burton Fuel Depot
Fuel depot built from HO kit
Storage tanks from Walthers kit
Judge's Welding and Fabrication
Chainlink fence Junkyard and depot Trestle under construction The next new section
Using a chain-link fence
Junkyard and Depot
Trestle under construction
The next new section
. . . .





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