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Additional information supplied by Jim Moore (printed in italics)

  1. The Mount Olympus 4-1 Sleeper-Buffet/Lounger-Observation car, not numbered by the SNCT. Ex-Solano Railcar, nee-CBQ #483, nee-CB&Q "Minneapolis Club". Built June 1946 by Pullman Standard. Originally painted and lettered for use on Northern Pacific's North Coast Limited, sublettered for its actual owner, the CB&Q. Photos of The Mount Olympus.

  2. The Dungeness River Coach-Bar-Lounge, 26 seats. Ex-amtrak #3280 nee-ATSF #1398. Built by the Budd Company in 1938 for use on the Kansas Cityan and the Chicagoan. Originally transferred to Amtrak in 1971, off the Amtrak roster by 1980. Photos of The Dungeness River.

  3. #51 Baldwin DS-4-4-6(660 HP). Builder's number 73042, built in November, 1946. Only DS-4-4-6 built for and sold to Canada for Crows Nest Pass Coal, Coal Creek, BC, running on the Morrissey, Fernie & Michel Rwy as #1. Sold to Delta Alaska Terminal Rwy, running as their #1, then sold to the princpals of the Seattle & North Coast. As far as is known, it was never used on the SNCT. Was painted as "North Coast Lines" #51 for another operation. As NCL #51, it had a Northern Pacific style "monad", which legal action forced them to remove (all lettering and monad were in white). Subsequently repainted in Seattle & North Coast colors, but no lettering was added to the hood. It displayed SNCT 51 in yellow on the cab sides. Was stored in Tacoma, Washington, possibly at the Continental Grain site where it may have seen some use. It was sold and moved to the Chelatchie Prairie RR, where it arrived in SNCT paint in November 1982. At some time, the DS had been "hot rodded" (the four original exhaust stacks being replaced with six straight stacks. It was used by the Chelatchie Prairie for approximately two years, apparently in exchange for storage of the locomotive. While on the CP, it remained in SNCT paint. It was eventually sold to the Napa Valley Wine Train as their #51. Photos of #51

  4. #52 EMD SW-1 Port Angeles switcher (Ex- Milw 869; nee 956; nee 1619). After its use on the SNCT, the #52 saw use during the brief operation of the Olympic Railroad. Last seen stored in the Seattle area in late 1997 when it was used in some local television station commercials.Photos of #52

  5. #55 EMD SW-1200 Pier 27 & Yard Tracks- Seattle. (Ex- Milw 614; nee 1637.) Built in January of 1954. First SW-1200 off the EMD assembly line. Last seen at Coast Engine & Equipment Company (CEECO) in Tacoma, Washington, cannibalized for parts.Photos of #55

  6. #56 EMD SW-1200 Port Townsend switcher. Also, work trains. (Ex-Milw 648; nee 2043.) Last seen at Coast Engine & Equipment Company (CEECO) in Tacoma, Washington, cannibalized for parts. Photos of #56

  7. #101 EMD F-7A Road power. Maintenance base, Bayside Yard, Port Angeles. Leased, b/n EMD 11066 10/1950 as GN 274B, then BN 610. After use on SNCT was sold to private owner and stored at Mineral, Washington, at the shops of the Mount Rainier Scenic Railway. Sold in late 1997 to Doyle McCormack. Renumbered to original 274 and moved to Portland, Oregon, for refurbishing and allegedly to be repainted as Great Northern #274B.Photos of #101

  8. #102 EMD F-7A Road power. Maintenance base, Bayside Yard, Port Angeles. Leased, b/n EMD 17852 01/1953 as GN 464A, then BN 684. After use on SNCT was sold and its ultimate disposition is unknown.Photos of #102

  9. #103 EMD F-7A Road Power. Maintenance base, Bayside Yard, Port Angeles. Leased, b/n EMD 11073 10/1950 as GN 364A, then BN 9726, then 2nd 704. After use on SNCT was sold and its ultimate disposition is unknown.Photos of #103

    Note: #101, 102, 103 were leased by the SNCT from the steel processing and recycling firm of Joseph
    Simon and Sons, Inc., of Tacoma, Washington.

  10. #502 EMD SD-9. Leased at start up by S&NC from Milwaukee Road. (Nee 531; nee 2225) (Note: Remained in MILW colors. Returned to owner mid-1981.) Photos of #502

  11. #Unk. Steel cupola caboose. Ex- MILW 991608. Remained in MILW paint and lettering. Currently on display at Fawn Hill Farm, Agnew. Photos of #991608

  12. #3 Rail operated 25 ton crane. ex-United States Navy. Photos of Maintenance-of-Way Equipment

  13. X-983 ex-MILW track department car. Originally a 40' MILW (1925?) single-cheathed compsoite end boxcar. Converted to bunk car and painted gray for steel gang, then transferred to the track department. Remained in MILW gray paint and lettering.Photos of Maintenance-of-Way Equipment

  14. X-1211 exMILW tool storage car. Originally MILW 712901. 40' MILW single sheathed composite end boxcar built by Bettendorf in 1925 as part of a series of 1000 cars. Originally used for lumber loading (retained its end door for long timbers). moved to steel gang use, then to track department as a tool storage car. Remained in MILW track department oxide red color and lettering.Photos of Maintenance-of-Way Equipment

  15. X-908160 Fuel oil tender from ex-Milw steam locomotive.Photos of Maintenance-of-Way Equipment

  16. X-922226 M-O-W crane flat car. Ex-Milw. Remained in Milw paint and lettering. Was used by SNCT to carry a cleated track-style crane for the track department.Photos of Maintenance-of-Way Equipment

  17. exMILW #55720. 50'6" XL rib-side DF2 boxcar detrucked and used for storage at Pier 27 in Seattle. Cars numbered 55000-55699 came from 40'6" XM rib-side boxcars; rebuilt in 1965-66 by adding 10 feet taken from boxcar series 21188-28559. Would that be a great model, or what!

  18. Barges MT-20 and MT-21. Ex- Milwaukee Terminal Railway Company of same number.
    Steel carfloat barges probably constructed by Reliable Welding of Olympia, Washington in 1944
    MT-20 s/n 176014, length 259'7", breadth 42'0", depth 9'9", gross tonnage 1029
    MT-21 s/n 176064, length 259'6", breadth 41'9", depth 10'0", gross tonnage 1039

    Photos of Marine Equipment
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