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Farmrail - Quartz Mountain Flyer - October 2004

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Farmrail - Quartz Mountain Flyer Excursion Train

Farmrail's Quartz Mountain Flyer excursion train operates in southwestern Oklahoma on selected weekends throughout the year, between the entrance to Oklahoma's Quartz Mountain State Park (located off State Hwy 44 between Altus and Lugert) and Lone Wolf. Round trip distance is approximately 20 miles, and takes 2 1/2 hours (an hour each way with a half-hour stop in Lone Wolf). Track speed is all 10 mph; the track -- part of the original Kansas City, Mexico & Orient mainline -- is mostly flat and straight, with the exception of a short stretch of track which curves through the Quartz Mountains and around the south shore of Lake Altus-Lugert near the south end of the run. The City of Lone Wolf, Oklahoma sponsors the train.

I took the following photos of the Quartz Mountain Flyer on Saturday, October 16, 2004, a beautiful fall day which also happened to be the date of CTC Board Magazine's "Day in North America", a specially designated day held on a different date each year, when rail photographers throughout North America are encouraged to photograph trains and rail operations and submit them for a special issue of the magazine.

Enjoy the photos, and if you want to ride the train, be sure to call ahead and make reservations.
For schedule and contact information, check: or

Click photos below to enlarge.

  Quartz Mountain Flyer sign   ready to depart   Farmrail engineer James Smith - Quartz Mountain Flyer
  waiting to depart   through the Quartz Mountains   over a dirt crossing
  approaching Lone Wolf   Quartz Mountain Flyer - Lone Wolf, OK
  GNBC 4079 - Lone Wolf, OK   departing Lone Wolf   waving passengers
  south of  Lone Wolf, OK   north of Lugert, OK
  Quartz Mountain Flyer - Lugert, OK   Curving through the Quartz Mountains   end of the trip

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