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South Orient Railroad

My South Orient photographs fall into seven categories.

Please choose one of the following:

  the Santa Fe years
Before South Orient -
the Santa Fe years

(4 images)
  South Orient 1992-1994
South Orient -
1992 through 1994

(19 images)
  Centex Rail Link
South Orient -
CenTex Rail Link

(7 images)
  South Orient - 1995-1999
South Orient -
1995 through 1999

(15 images)
  Orient Intermodal
Orient Intermodal
(13 images)
  Running Extra
South Orient -
Running Extra

(12 images)

Bonus pages:

South Orient Wig-Wag signals (10 images)

South Orient Wig-Wag signal . . . . South Orient Wig-Wag signal

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