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Wes Carr Photos - Day in North America 2004
BNSF coal load - Vernon, TX

I needed to start heading back toward Fort Worth, so I decided to pace the coal load for a while. I set up for one more photo of him as he left the town of Vernon right before sunset (18:47). The crew's trip from Amarillo was almost over; once they arrived at the WTU power plant at Oklaunion a few miles to the east, they would board a limo for the short drive to Wichita Falls to tie up. I, however, still had 2 1/2 more hours of driving ahead of me before I got home!

But I had a good time, and I was pleased with the photos I got. Did I get published this year? Well, you'll have to buy the magazine (CTC Board - Railroads Illustrated "Day in North America" issue -- February 2005) to find out!)


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