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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts


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Article Five
"Telegraph Service To Victoria Greatly Improved"
Originally Published 20 December 1890 in 'The Toronto Star'

	Superintendent J Wilson of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company states
	that in the future there will be no fear of a break in telegraphic
	communication with Victoria, British Columbia.  The Company is arranging
	for the purchase and submergence as early as the Spring for a three-
	wire cable between the Canadian main land of British Columbia under the
	Gulf of Georgia into Victoria.  The cable now submerged will be removed
	and laid between Port Cresent, Washington and Port Beecher, B.C., it
	having been found that these places offer the best landings on the Straits.

	The cable between Victoria and Dungeness will also be kept in good repair.
	This will furnish three distinct lines of communication, therefore, between
	Victoria and the main land, and with the improved Pacific Postal Telegraph
	Company from Seattle running northwest to Port Townsend and along the shore
	of the Straits to Port Crescent, will meet all demands.  

	Mr J Wilson states further that in the course of another week the Canadian
	Pacific Railway Company will have a fourth wire in operation between Donald,
	B.C., and Winnipeg, Manitoba which, with the quadruples working from the
	      former point to Vancouver will place the Company in a much stronger position
	      than heretofore to handle their constantly increasing business and providing
	      direct and substantial competition to the Great North Western Telegraph

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