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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts

Telegraph history is written in the demand the public makes for service.
It is a demand that brooks no obstacles.

J.J. Thornton, CNR Magazine, 1929


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It must be emphasized that newspaper accounts are not always accurate and careful research must be done in order to determine errors and accuracy. (Ex: Article 50)

Article 1
Learning American or Railway Morse Code in 1884Article 2Gravity Batteries (1886)
Article 3
"Glass Arm Syndrome and Battery Shock Afflicts Many Telegraph Operators"Article 4"Canadian Pacific Telegraph Line Completed"
Article 5
"Telegraph Service To Victoria Greatly Improved"Article 6"Telegraph Circuit Crosses the 49th Parallel"
Article 7
"New Telegraph Circuit For Ottawa"Article 8"New Telegraph Circuit to Alaska"
Article 9
"Canadian Pacific Railway Telegraphers' Strike"Article 10"Canadian Pacific Railway Train Dispatchers' Join Telegraphers' In Strike"
Article 11
"No Progress Reported On CPR Telegraphers' Strike"Article 12"Canadian Pacific Telegraphers' Strike Ended"
Article 13
"Telegraph Line to the Klondyke [sic]"Article 14"Telegraph Line to the Klondike"
Article 15
"Telegraph to the Klondike Pt.3"Article 16"Telegraph Line to the Klondike Pt.4"
Article 17
"Telegraph Circuit to Dawson City"
Article 18
"Telegraph Extension in Klondike"
Article 19
"Further Telegraphic Extensions North"
Article 20
"Telegrapher's Salary Improved"
Article 21
"Government Extension To The Klondike"
Article 22
"CPR Installs Copper Wire Across Canada"
Article 23
"Klondike Line Opens and New CPR Circuit"
Article 24
"Telegraph Rate Cut By Western Union"
Article 25
"Canadian Pacific's Copper Wire A Success"
Article 26
"Western Union Has No Right To Operate In Canada"
Article 27
"Western Union Circuits In Canada"
Article 28
"Canadian Pacific's Copper Wire Circuit"
Article 29
"Grand Trunk Railway Operators Contemplate Strike"
Article 30
"Klondyke Telegraph Circuit Soon To Open"
Article 31
"Mr Hays Offers Grand Trunk Operators Arbitrator"
Article 32
"Telegraph To The Klondike"
Article 33
"Grand Trunk Telegraph Operators' Wages"
Article 34
"The Royal Telegraph Company"
Article 35
"Rogers Pass Disaster"
Article 36
"Telegraph Line From Skagway To Dawson"
Article 37
"Telegraph Line To Dawson"
Article 38
"New Telegraph Lightning Arrester Invented"
Article 39
"Great North Western Telegraph Company Court Action"
Article 40
"Dominion Telegraph Completed"
Article 41
"Telegraph Pay Increase"
Article 42
"Communication to Alaksa"
Article 43
"Telegraph Rates In The Yukon"
Article 44
"ICR Telegraphers Reorganized"
Article 45
"Canso Cable To Be Laid"
Article 46
"Canadian Pacific Telegraph Company"
Article 47
"Belle Isle Submarine Cable"
Article 48
"Canadian Government To Buy Telegraph Network"
Article 49
"Sir Henry McCallum, Telegraph Operator"
Article 50
"Canadian Telegraphic Overview"
Article 51
"David Robertson, Telegraph Operator - Part 1"
Article 52
"David Robertson, Telegraph Operator - Part 2"
Article 53
"Government Takes Over Telegraph & Telephone Operations"
Article 54
"Telegraph Cable Repairs Completed (Belle Island)"
Article 55
"Belle Island Cable Completed"
Article 56
"Yukon Telegraph Circuit Completed!"
Article 57
"Agreement Reached Between CNoRwy & GNWTCo"
Article 58
"Railway Disaster at Wanstead, Ontario"
Article 59
"Railway Disaster at Wanstead, Ontario - Another View"
Article 60
"Dominion Government Lays Cable"
Article 61
"Canadian Pacific Railway Telegraph School"
Article 62
"Telegraph Nears End?"
Article 63
"Cable Rates in Canada"
Article 64
"Grand Trunk Railway Extends TelePhone Use"
Article 65
"CPR Telegraph School Update"
Article 66
"Newfoundland Cable"
Article 67
"CPR Telegraph Department Construction"
Article 68
"CPR Telegraph AD"
Article 69
"Canadian Government Wireless Telegraph"
Article 70
"Manitoba Telegraph Department"
Article 71
"All British Owned Cable"
Article 72
"Standard Time"
Article 73
"Canadian Telegraph Striking Conditions"
Article 74
"The Telephone Arrives in Alberta"
Article 75
"Pay Increase for CPR / GTR Operators"
Article 76
"Canadian Wireless Stations"
Article 77
"British Canadian Cable"
Article 78
"Sleet Storm"
Article 79
"William Marshall, CPR Superintendent"
Article 80
"The CPR's Company Telegraph"
Article 81
"Robert W Caswell"
Article 82
"Telegraph Tolls"
Article 83
"Alexander MacNaughton"
Article 84
"Storm Disaster Affects CPR Telegraphs"
Article 85
"Anglo-American Telegraph"
Article 86
"Dominion Government Telegraphs"
Article 87
"End of Morse Code"
Article 88
"TransAtlantic Cable Proposed"
Article 89
"Issac McMichael"
Article 90
"GNWTCo Conference"
Article 91
"Hinton & Company"
Article 92
"GNWTCo Reducing Cable Rates"
Article 93
"Early Train Telegraphy"
Article 94
"Benjamin S. Jenkins
Article 95
"Why We Fight"
Article 96
"Camp X"
Article 97
"Edward S Laking"
Article 98
"Robert Robertson"
Article 99
"SOS Titanic"
Article 100
Titanic's Secret Log
Article 101
1918 Armistice Telegraph

Time continues to indicate that the transmission of the written word by telegraph is indispensable to trade, industry, and social life.
Its reliability, coupled with its accuracy and speed, undoubtedly will continue to retain for it a popularity over all other forms of written communication.

CPR Facts and Figures, 1937