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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts


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Article Six
"Telegraph Circuit Crosses the 49th Parallel"

	The Canadian Pacific Railway's telegraph circuit is now completed to the
	boundary at Sumas, Washington.  One circuit is in operation from Seattle
	Washington to the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

	Mr JG Blake, Manager of the United States Postal Telegraph in Seattle, is
	to meet Mr James Wilson, Superintendent of the Pacific Division of the
	Canadian Pacific Telegraph Company.  They are to complete previous 
	arrangements for connection between CP Telegraphs and the Postal system.
	The Postal Telegraph has three wires on this line and another two wires
	on the old highway line.

	[The date for this article and source has been lost but it can be assumed ]
	[to be somewhere between May and August of 1891. ]

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