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Article Seven
"New Telegraph Circuit For Ottawa"
Announced 01 May, 1894

	The Canadian Pacific Railway Telegraph Company has announced in Montreal
	that construction on a new telegraph circuit has begun between Kingston
	and Ottawa, Ontario.  This circuit will essentially follow the Rideau
	Canal entering the towns and villages along the entire route.

	There are now fifteen men currently employed for the Company constructing
	this circuit.  It is expected the contract will be completed within the
	next six weeks. 

	[A confirmation article could not be located but it would be assumed that
	[the circuit was operational sometime around mid-June 1894 - interestingly,
	[this ties in with the CPR line building their Lakshore Route from Glen
	[Tay to Lake Ontario - originally the tracks were to go south from Bathurst
	[Station (my grandfather's station then too!)
	[creating a Junction with the O&Q but this was later changed.]

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