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Article Nine
"Canadian Pacific Railway Telegraphers' Strike"
Announced 02 October 1896

	On Monday night last instant, some of Canadian Pacific Railway's
	telegraphers and operators began a strike leaving their work.  At
	the present moment, it is impossible to determine from the railway
	dispatchers how much, if any, delay in train operations and commercial
	telegrams has currently occurred.

	The principal grievance reported is that the night trick operators at
	the smaller railway stations have to attend to the office and sweep the
	floors of the station.  The Vice-President of the CPR states that the
	men have presented a written grievance to him without first laying
	it before the Superintendent.

	It is unknown at this time how long this strike may continue.

	[Actual strike date began 28 September 1896 as ordered by Mr Pierson,
	[a representative of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers.]

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