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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts


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Article Twelve
"Canadian Pacific Telegraphers' Strike Ended"
Announced 10 October 1896

	The strike of telegraph operators and train dispatchers on the Canadian Pacific
	was settled on October 9th last instance.  The Company, by issuance of a notice
	to all concerned by the company, will take back without prejudice all strikers
	who had not been found guilty of a grave misconduct while on strike.  Employees
	dismissed for refusing to take the place of strikers were also hired back where
	no guilt was found of no other offense.  

	The newspaper accounts state that the strikers, who made a complaint to the
	Vice-President of the CPR when they should have gone directly to their respective
	Divisional Superintendents, are now to be permitted to go directly to the General
	Superintendent of Operations.  This would seem to be somewhat of a compromise, but
	the offical announcement has nothing to say on this point of principle.  The
	statement does however, indicate that only concessions made by the Company was to
	turn out the new men who had been engaged in place of the regular operators.

	The settlement was brought about by a committee of four men who represented the
	four principal employees' brotherhoods on the railway.  Reports as to the actual
	delay to trains in consequence of the strike are contradictory, but the trouble
	      is assumed to be not that serious in nature.

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