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Article Eighteen
"Telegraph Extension to Klondike"
Announced 11 December 1897

	The Western Union Telegraph Company has just announced the extension of
	its telegraph circuits in the Puget Sound region of Washington State
	and to build another circuit extension to Victoria, British Columbia.

	The new circuit will extend from Seattle, Washington to Port Angeles,
	Washington.  This line will cover Port Madison, Port Blakely, Port
	Townsend and other stations in-between.  From Port Angeles a high-
	grade cable will be laid across the Straits of San Juan de Fuca, unless
	Superintendent Frank Jaynes, who is now making an inspection tour of
	telegraph circuits, should discover a better route for the cable to
	Vancouver Island and make connections with the Canadian Pacific Telegraph

	It is understood that additional lines will be built according to the
	probable necessities of the northwestern corner of the United States and
	into Canada.

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