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Article Twenty-Two
"CPR Installs Copper Wire Across Canada"
Announced 12 March 1898

	The Canadian Pacific Railway Telegraph Company now proposes to stretch
	a copper telegraph wire directly from Montreal to Vancouver, British 
	Columbia.  It will then be possible to send telegrams directly from
	Montreal to Vancouver directly and at a much faster speed.  The wire
	to be used will weigh 300 hundred pounds per mile and total about 450
	tons.  Work is expected to begin on the replacement of the iron
	galvanized wire on or about 1 April next year.  It is currently
	estimated the mainline circuit, a total of 2,910 miles, will be
	completed by 1 June.

	Construction of the copper wire replacement will commence at the
	CPR Windsor Station in Montreal and related offices in the city.  The
	estimated cost of replacing the old iron wire circuits with new copper
	wire is approximately $250,000.  It is expected the circuit will be
	worked in duplex mode with repeaters installed at Fort William and
	Swift Current

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