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Article Twenty-Three
"Klondike Line Opens and New CPR Circuit"
Announced 26 May 1898

	A cablegram has been received from Europe which has started
	active operation on the construction of a telegraph line 
	from Vancouver to Dawson City through Skagway, Dyea, and 
	Wrangel.  Mr Mark Eschwege is now incharge of the Vancouver 
	Anglo-French Telegraph Company.

	The placing of a new transcontinental telegraph wire between 
	Montreal and Vancouver has begun.  The Canadian Pacific 
	Railway Company is constructing a new line from Fort William
	through to Donald British Columbia.  Another circuit will 
	operate from Donald into Vancouver where connections can be 
	made with the new cable being laid from Vancouver to Victoria.
	The total line circuit will be 2,900 miles and weighing 300 
	pounds to the mile.  Porcelain instead of glass insulators 
	will be used, 75 tons of the former coming from Europe for 
	the new line.

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