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Article Twenty-Five
"Canadian Pacific's Copper Wire A Success"
Announced 06 October 1898

	Canadian Pacific's copper wire was recently tested and
	found to be successful.  The test commenced on 1 October
	from Montreal with a message to Vancouver.  The total time
	taken for the sent message from Montreal and a transmitted
	reply from Vancouver took about one minute.

	The copper wire was duplex installed.  The actual distance
	covered by this new wire is about 2,900 miles, constituting
	probably the largest direct line circuit for daily business
	anywhere in the world.  This new copper wire circuit will
	enable Montreal, Rossland, Nelson, and other far western
	points to transact speculative business between these said 
	points almost as quickly as between the circuit established
	between Montreal and Chicago some time ago.  The alternative
	telegraph line to the Kootenay, via the Crow's Nest Pass
	circuit, will also be completed later this fall.

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