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Article Twenty-Six
"Western Union Has No Right To Operate In Canada"
Announced 10 October 1898

The recent extension of telegraph circuits by the Western Union
Telegraph Company, has had the effect of lowering and cheapening
the telegraph rates in Canada.  It also is effecting the prompt
and satisfactory communication with the United States at all

The Western Union Telegraph Company, being incorporated under
the laws of the United States of America, has no right to operate
in Canada, and consequently the Western Union has established
connections with Port Angeles, Washington, a telegraph line 
operated by the Great Northwestern Telegraph Company, which 
connects with the Western Union.

The new Western Union circuit includes a cable across Puget
Sound, running from Seattle to Port Townsend.  From Port Townsend
it goes by land and water to Victoria.  Since this circuit was
completed by the Canadian Pacific Telegraph Company, it has also
constructed a cable from Victoria to Port Angeles enabling two
      telegraph circuits to and from the United States.  Each circuit is
      duplexed permitting the transmission of messages from both ends of 
      the line concurrently.

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