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Article Thirty
"Klondyke Telegraph Circuit Soon To Open"
Announced 10 December 1898

According to The Financial News, it should not be long now before
telegraphic communication with the Klondike [sic] region is
established. Some sanguine people even predict that it will be open
in January [1899], though this is very unlikely.

The Canadian Parliament, in the beginning of the year, granted a
charter to some English and Canadian investors, empowering them
to construct a telegraph line from the Alaska coast to Dawson City.
Nothing was done, however during the summer, and the charter has
come into possession of another body possessing greater construction

The plan to construct a double land line from Skaguay via Lake Tagish
and Fort Selkirk to the Klondyke.  The work is to begin immediately
and the line is expected to be in operation early next year.

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