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Article Thirty-Three
"Grand Trunk Telegraph Operators' Wages"
Announced 01 February 1899

Press despatches from Toronto state that the arbitrators
to whom was referred the questions of hours and wages
between the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada and the telegraph
operators employed on the road have decided in favour of the
operators on nearly every point. A further report from
Montreal states that the decision was unanimous.

General Superintendent McGuigan states that the company
will do its utmost to promote amity between the company
and its employees.  It is said that the award does not
quite fulfill the desire of the men to be placed on an
equality with similar employees of the Canadian Pacific
Telegraph Company, but that the operators are highly
pleased with the general results.

It was stated in the Toronto despatch, and not denied
by the Grand Trunk, that certain employees who were
dismissed because of their acting on the union
      committee, were to be reinstated this instance.  On all
      main lines the hours are to be 10 per day, with extra 
      pay for overtime; on branch lines 12 hours per day with 
      extra for overtime.  Altogether, about 500 men will
      receive an increase of salary amounting, it is reported,
      to about 12 1/2 per cent.

      The arbitrators were: FP Sargent of the Locomotive
      Firemen for the telegraph operators; BB Osler,
      Queen's Counsel for the Grand Trunk, and, Sir WR
      Meredith, Chief Justice of Ontario, as referee. 

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