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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts

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Article Fourty-Two
"Alaskian Communications"
Announced 06 October 1899

The Canadian Department of Public Works has been advised that the
telegraph line from Lake Bennett to Dawson City will be completed
on or about 15 November.  The Canadian Pacific Railway has all but
completed arrangements for sending telegraph messages daily from
Vancouver to Skagway, at which point the telegraphic connection 
with Dawson City is made.  

The objective is to have packages of messages sent every day from
Vancouver, and every intermediate day from Victoria and Nanaimo
for daily service to the north.  One arrival at Skagway, the 
messages will be transmitted on the circuit to Lake Bennett, and
at a latter place, they will be sent to the line being constructed
by the Dominion Government.  From here, the messages will be
forwarded to Dawson City.

By the fastest steamers to Skagway, telegrams should have no
difficulty in arriving at Dawson City by the fourth day after
being transmitted from Vancouver. 

Return messages will be brought back by steamers and at the
first port-of-call, be it Comox, Nanaimo, Victoria, or
Vancouver, the messages will be delivered to the telegraph
office for immediate transmission to the various points
to which they are addressed.  In all, one week between 
sending and receiving a message is now achievable.

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