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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts

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Article Fourty-Eight
"Canadian Government To Buy Telegraph Network"
Announced 20 February 1901

	The Dominion Government of Canada has now taken steps to purchase
	the telegraph systems of Canada, extend them enormously and operate
	them in connection with the federal Post Office Department.  It is
	also proposed with all seriousness, to follow a similar course
	with the telephone, but in the case of the latter, municipalities
	will be licensed, as currently done in Great Britain, to operate
	the system within their own areas.

	The question of the absolute control of the Canadian telegraphic
	network services has long been discussed, but it was not until the
	present Liberal Government came into office that it has been
	possible to talk of purchasing the telegraph services.

	With a surplus from $6 million to $7 million dollars for 1900-1901,
	and a prospect of an equally large surplus for 1901-1902, the take-
	over plan seems most feasible.  A submarine cable scheme is
	included in the general plan.
	Canadian Pacific Telegraphs are now said to have a networth of
	$7 million dollars; the Great NorthWestern Telegraph Company of
	the same amount, and, The Bell Telephone Company of Canada of
	at least $5 million dollars.

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