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CANADIAN RAILWAY TELEGRAPH HISTORY-Canadian Telegraphic Historical Newspaper Accounts

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Article Fifty
"Canadian Telegraphic Overview"
Announced 13 March 1901

	The Canadian Telegraphic network began fifty-four years [see Note below] ago when a
	line was established between Quebec and Toronto. The mileage of Canadian
	telegraphs today is something just over 35,057 miles: 18,286 miles
	of which are controlled by the Great Northwestern Telegraph Company,
	8,886 miles by the Canadian Pacific Telegraph Railway Company [sic],
	4,973 miles by the Dominion Government Telegraph, and 2,912 miles
	by the Western Union Telegraph Company operating in the Maritime
	Provinces. It is calculated that this represents some 86,000 miles
	of wire, and more than 2,700 telegraph offices.

	With the exception of the Yukon telegraphs and the extension on the
	north shore of the St. Lawrence River towards Belle Isle, the lines
	included in the Canadian Government Telegraph Service were almost all
	established and equipped between the years 1880 and 1882.  Three
	years ago, contracts were given for the supply of poles and for construction
	of the land line to connect with the proposed cable to Belle Isle off
	the Labrador coastline. 

	But for the loss of the Government cable
	steamer last fall this cable would have been laid.  When completed, it 
	will practically reduce navigation between Canada, Britain and 
	Europe to three days, the Oceanic distance being reckoned from land to
	land where passengers can be placed in communication with the world.
	This will be effected when steamships can receive and send telegraphic
	messages to and from Belle Isle.

	NOTE: This makes the year 1847 and in no way does
	this news article mention Canada's FIRST telegraphic company, The Toronto
	Hamilton Niagara & St. Catharines Telegraph Company. This company opened
	for business on 26 December 1846 (incor: 22 October 1846). The company
	reference in the news article is the Montreal Telegraph Company.

It must be emphasized that newspaper accounts are not always accurate and careful research must be done in order to determine errors and accuracy.

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