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Article Fifty-Two

	From the Ottawa Journal. Tuesday, April 20, 1926


	Was Telegraph Operator At Observatory Since It Opened.

	David Robertson, telegraph operator at the Dominion Observatory, since it's erection,
	and one of the best known operators in Ottawa, dropped dead suddenly at his home, 670
	Gilmour street, at nine o'clock this morning.

	He was in his 68th year.  Mr. Robertson had not complained of feeling ill and was out
	yesterday.  He was preparing to go to the Observatory when suddenly collapsed.  Doctors
	declared his heart suddenly failed.  His death will bring sorrow to a host of friends in the Ottawa

	Born in Spencerville, he was a member of a well-known family. He came to Ottawa as a
	young man and found his niche in life in telegraphy.

	Mr. Robertson came to Ottawa from Spencerville in 1886, and became a member of the
	staff of the Great North Western Telegraphs.  In 1890 he joined C.P.T. staff, and rose until when
	he resigned in 1905 to go to the Observatory , he was assistant chief operator.
	During the session he was in charge of the C.P. telegraph staff n the House of Commons. 
	During his first few years at the Observatory, Mr. Robertson was in charge of Government time
	service.  Then he became chef of telegraphs, longitude work, at the Dominion Observatory, the
	post he was occupying at the time of his death.

	He was popular and had many friends in and outside the ranks of the wire men.  He
	married Miss Mary Devine, of Ottawa.  In fraternal circles he was well-known, being a member
	of Rockcliff Lodge, No. 278, I.O.O.F.  He was a member of Knox Presbyterian Church and was
	prominent in Presbyterian Church circles.  No arrangements have been made for the funeral.

	Besides his widow, Mr. Robertson, is survived by two sons, Gordon, of Geodetic Survey,
	Ottawa, and Harold, ion Montreal; one daughter, Kathleen, at home; two sisters, Mrs. William
	Fairbairn, of Ottawa, and Miss Julia Robertson , Spencerville; and four brothers, William and
	Harper Robertson, Spencerville; Herbert Robertson, of Chicago, and Evan J. Robertson, of the
	C.N.R., Sudbury. Ont., A number of nephews and nieces also survive.

	His Death is Sudden

	{An oval photo of David Robertson}

	David Robertson, veteran telegraph operator on the staff of the Dominion Observatory,
	who dropped dead in his home, 670 Gilmour street, at nine o'clock this morning.  He was 55
	years old.

	Mr Roberston has kindly shared these articles and would appreciate
	any other information about his great-great-grandfather if you might know of anything.

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