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Article Fifty-Eight - Announced: 31 December 1902
Railway Disaster at Wanstead, Ontario

	Two Grand Trunk Railway of Canada trains collided with devastating effect here. 
	The westbound 'Pacific Express No.5' and an eastbound GTR freight crashed at about 10 o'clock along the Sarnia Line.
	Twenty-eight persons are currently known to have died, nearly all of them passengers on No. 5, and another twenty-nine
	or more were seriously injured.  There was a thick snowstorm at the time and snow fell fast all night, and the injured
	persons suffered terribly from the cold.  

	A train order directing these two trains to meet at Wanstead had been sent to Watford for the passenger train and to
	Wyoming for the freight.  Accordingly, the passenger train arrived at Watford, and was stopped by the agent's train
	order board signal. The operator cleared the order board, and being asked by the the passenger conductor
	why he had done so, the agent answered thta a meeting order had been issued by the dispatcher but it had been annulled.

	The station operator, Andrew Carson, a 46 year veteran on the railway, then wrote a clearance and gave it to the
	conductor, who immediately proceeded ahead with his train's schedule.  Carson stated that the dispatcher, J G Kerr of
	the London division, about six minutes after sending the order told Carson to 'bust it' meaning destroy the order just
	issued to Number 5.  But according to the dispatcher who testified before the Coroner on the scene, Kerr had said he told
	Carson to 'Wait a minute, may bust that order.'  Kerr had not withdrawn the order from the freight train, and the collison

	Carson testified on December 30, stating he had not heard the word 'may' from the dispatcher. The phrase 'wait a minute' appears
	to have been abbreviated to 'min' in the train order.  The dispatcher is said to also be a man of experience and one with an
	exceptional operating record.
    	      [Two more articles to come are very interesting as well.]

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